Case Study 

Enhancing Business through Google My Business Reviews | Section: Case Studies

Project Overview

The project aimed to explore the impact of replying to online reviews on Google My Business and how it positively influenced a company's business. By understanding the needs and goals of users, conducting user research, and analyzing user behavior and feedback, the goal was to create design solutions that improved user satisfaction and overall business performance. The project lasted for two months.

The Product

The product in focus is the company's presence on Google My Business, a platform that allows businesses to manage their online presence and engage with customers through reviews. By replying to online reviews, the company aimed to establish better communication with customers and build a positive brand reputation.

The Problem

The core problem identified was the lack of engagement with customer reviews on Google My Business. Users were leaving feedback, both positive and negative, but the company was not actively responding to these reviews. This led to missed opportunities for addressing customer concerns, building trust, and improving customer satisfaction.

The Goal

The goal of this case study was to demonstrate the value of replying to online reviews on Google My Business and how it positively impacted the company's business. By showcasing the benefits of engaging with customer feedback, the aim was to encourage other businesses to adopt similar practices and improve their online reputation.

User Research

To understand the user experience and gather insights, the following UX metrics were used:

  1. Review sentiment analysis: Analyzing the sentiment (positive, negative, or neutral) of customer reviews to identify trends and common pain points.
  2. Review engagement statistics: Assessing the frequency and quality of customer engagement with reviews to measure the impact of active communication.
  3. Customer satisfaction surveys: Conducting surveys to gauge customer satisfaction levels before and after the company implemented the practice of replying to reviews.


Based on the user research, it was observed that customers appreciated when their reviews were acknowledged and responded to promptly. Lack of engagement from the company resulted in negative sentiment and decreased customer satisfaction.

Pain Point

The pain point identified was the absence of communication between the company and its customers regarding the reviews left on Google My Business. Customers felt unheard and were dissatisfied with the lack of acknowledgment and response to their feedback.


User Persona: Sarah Thompson

Background: Sarah is a 32-year-old marketing professional who frequently uses Google My Business to find local businesses and read reviews before making purchasing decisions. She appreciates businesses that engage with their customers through reviews.


  • Find trustworthy and reliable businesses.
  • Have her concerns addressed and questions answered.
  • Support businesses that value customer feedback.

Pain Points:

  • Lack of acknowledgment for her reviews.
  • Difficulty in determining the authenticity of businesses due to lack of engagement.

Problem Statements and Details

  1. Problem Statement: The company's online reputation is negatively impacted by the lack of response to customer reviews on Google My Business.

    • Details: Customers feel ignored and have a lower level of trust in the company's offerings due to the absence of communication and acknowledgment of their reviews.
  2. Problem Statement: The company is missing opportunities to address customer concerns and improve satisfaction by not actively engaging with reviews.

    • Details: Unresolved issues and unanswered questions lead to increased frustration and decreased customer loyalty.

User Journey Map

  1. Discovering the Business

    • Sarah searches for local businesses on Google My Business.
    • She reads reviews and ratings to assess the reputation of the company.
  2. Leaving a Review

    • Sarah has a positive experience with the company's product.
    • She decides to leave a positive review on Google My Business.
  3. Lack of Engagement

    • Sarah's review remains unanswered by the company.
    • She feels disappointed and undervalued.
  4. Impact on Customer Satisfaction

    • Sarah's satisfaction level with the company decreases due to the lack of acknowledgment.
    • She becomes less likely to recommend the business to others.

UX Structure

The UX structure for this project focused on enhancing the company's engagement with customer reviews on Google My Business. It involved the following key elements:

  1. Improved Review Monitoring: Implementing a system to actively monitor and track new reviews to ensure timely responses.

  2. Streamlined Response Process: Creating a user-friendly interface that allows the company to respond to reviews efficiently and effectively.

  3. Customer Feedback Integration: Providing mechanisms to gather customer feedback directly from reviews and leverage it to enhance the company's products and services.

The Impact

By adopting the practice of replying to online reviews on Google My Business, the company experienced several positive impacts:

  1. Improved Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction levels increased as they felt heard and valued by the company.

  2. Enhanced Brand Reputation: Actively engaging with reviews helped build a positive brand reputation and establish trust among potential customers.

  3. Increased Customer Loyalty: Responding to reviews and addressing concerns fostered customer loyalty and encouraged repeat business.

Lessons Learned

Through this project, we learned the following key lessons:

  1. Customer Engagement Matters: Actively engaging with customers through online reviews can significantly impact their satisfaction and perception of the brand.

  2. Trust is Built Through Communication: Acknowledging customer feedback and responding promptly helps build trust and credibility.

  3. Reputation Management is Essential: Monitoring and managing online reputation is crucial for businesses to maintain a positive image.